healthy drinks.

How about some healthy choices to take the place of those addictive beverages we all crave?

I’ve never been into soda, and I really am repulsed by it now that I know what’s in it, and what it does to people.  But you could say the same thing about alcoholic beverages, so I’m definitely not judging.  I like martinis, red wine, a nice cold rose at the end of the day, a skinny margarita with my fajitas.

But if this 21-day reset does anything, it will hopefully reduce my habitual reaching for that glass of wine after 5:00.  There’s nothing wrong with drinking a glass of wine if it doesn’t make you feel terrible.  But I am definitely not doing well with it.  And I can’t lose a pound while drinking it.

So let’s make some yummy drinks that we CAN drink, and still rock this reset!




This is a recipe from The Blender Girl, who I am OBSESSED with, and she sweetens this lemonade with pineapple.  Now, I know that’s still a lot of sugar in fruit form, but if it keeps me on the straight and narrow, I’ll take it.

The thing is:  I made it this morning, and it really could use some fizzy water to dilute it.  Or just more water added to the mix.  Or maybe blend it with coconut water?  There are a lot of ways you can use this elixir, and honestly?  I drank a few sips of it and felt my whole body applaud sing hallelujah!  Ha ha ha!  I only needed a few sips to really feel like I’d had a treat, so just drink this in small doses…

Here’s how you do it!

Blend the following:

  • 1/2 cup juice from lemons (I think I used 4)
  • One whole pineapple, chopped
  • 2 cups water

That’s it!  Add more water to dilute, or some kind of seltzer water (we have one of those soda streams ~ love it).  Or add ice and blend for a slushy!  YUM!

Up next ~ a delicious CRANBERRY FIZZ!  Trying that tonight, and will post if it’s good!




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