Day 2: Reset Journal.

Before I start blabbing, I want you all to know that I changed the settings on my blog, so you can now comment without putting your e-mail address in.  I think it posts without me even moderating it.  Not sure exactly, but please feel free to make constructive comments and share great things with us all ~ even anonymously if you like! It’s 11:30AM and … Continue reading Day 2: Reset Journal.

Vegan Ranch Dressing.

I wasn’t going to post my boring salad dinner tonight, but this dressing was so delicious that I just had to. Okay listen ~ this isn’t the prettiest picture but I wanted to post the evidence of a creamy, delicious, but VEGAN ranch dressing! Here’s the recipe: VEGAN RANCH DRESSING Drop the following in a blender: 1/4 cup coconut yogurt (yogurt made with coconut milk … Continue reading Vegan Ranch Dressing.