Day 2: Reset Journal.

Before I start blabbing, I want you all to know that I changed the settings on my blog, so you can now comment without putting your e-mail address in.  I think it posts without me even moderating it.  Not sure exactly, but please feel free to make constructive comments and share great things with us all ~ even anonymously if you like!

It’s 11:30AM and I may have already overdone it.  I ran two miles on the treadmill, which felt amazing at the time.  But I think I pulled a muscle.  BLERRG.  I won’t let this slow me down, though!  I woke up at 5:36AM, randomly, with TONS OF ENERGY.  So clear, so motivated, so grounded.

After 1 day of the reset?  How can that be?

Maybe it’s not the reset just yet, but I really do feel amazing.  Or at least I did, until my 45 year-old hip decided to make its presence known.  Virginia!  Bring me my walker!

I’m off to take a hot bath in lavender epsom salt (definitely on the Luxury List!!!) and then I’m diving into some pretty intense projects today, if my aged body will allow.


  • Clean out messy walk-in closet
  • Tackle mountain of laundry (umm ~ we don’t even have kids ~ why SO much laundry?)
  • Finish prep for the 1st week of meals ~ this includes making meatballs that will be baked, cooled, and frozen in bags of 6-8.  Recipes coming soon!  Also, I made pho broth this morning!!!  The whole house smells divine and I can’t wait to try it.  Recipe for that coming, as well…



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