Day 3.

Day 3 is coming to a close, and I am beat, boys and girls!

I’ve made a lot of food in the last two days.  Now it’s all in the fridge, or freezer, and some of it is in my belly.

Here’s what I made for this week ~ I’ll post full recipes tomorrow morning.  Too tired today.

  • HOMEMADE VEGAN PHO BROTH.  SAY WHAT???  HOMEMADE PHO? It was actually so easy!  And probably not at all authentic.  But now I have delicious pho broth in baggies in my freezer.
  • Cold Sesame Salad.  Kinda like Cold Sesame Noodles, minus that dirty word, “noodle”.  How dare you even mention that word in my presence.  Until February. Ha ha ha.  It’s made with this Whole 30 sauce called “Sunshine Sauce”.  Which needed tweaking.  So I did.
  • Spicy Thai Meatballs.  So, so good.  They’re gonna be awesome on top of that cold sesame salad.  They taste like chili sauce and cilantro and everything that is good and holy.  I used part ground turkey, and part chopped mushrooms.
  • Greek Lamb Meatballs.  Still baking right now.  Will post if it turns out!  And I’ll be serving that with a Greek salad.  Ooooh ~ clever.  Verrrrry clever.
  • Mushroom Stroganoff over Spaghetti Squash.  I HIGHLY recommend this, folks.  It’s another blender girl recipe:  Just roast a spaghetti squash cut in half length-wise, and rubbed with olive oil and salt.  400 degrees for an hour.  I also added roasted chestnuts to the sauce because I had some leftover from Thanksgiving.

I’ll post those recipes toot sweet!  (I know it’s not spelled that way ~ it just makes me laugh)

A few things I’m learning:

  1. I pinched a nerve in my lower back and have been in a lot of pain the past couple days.  I’m much better tonight, but I occasionally feel emotional and “woah-is-me”, and I probably wouldn’t if I could have some chocolate or popcorn or a glass of Prosecco. But you know what ~ feeling my feelings is really not that bad.
  2. Speaking of feeling my feelings ~ one of the hardest things about this for me is people who don’t approve.  It’s SO HARD FOR ME.  But it is really so much easier this time because the hub is on board!!!  Thank God!  It’s so helpful to have someone who’s on your side.
  3. Aside from the back issue, I feel great.  Almost TOO great.  I have too much energy for one person.  I’m getting so much done, even though I’m going so slow with the pinched nerve.  I have accomplished so much today, and can’t wait to wake up early tomorrow morning and tackle another thing.  I’m probably really annoying, but I don’t care!

Here’s to the end of the another Day!

Hope you all are doing well.  I’ll post all my recipes tomorrow, and then I’ll leave you alone for a while.  Or until the fridge is empty!


2 thoughts on “Day 3.

  1. This looks delicious! I love that you ate it for breakfast. I started reading a book today – “When to Eat What”. One tip in there is to turn things upside down and eat dinner items for breakfast and vice versa. That’s like having your pie before your meal (but not really!)

    1. LOVE IT! I might have to get that book! My doctor says eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch, and a pauper at night. Not sure we can really do that in my house due to our crazy schedules, but I think it’s something to shoot for!

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