Day 4.


Okay today was tough.  In lots of ways.  First of all, it’s Saturday, and the hub and I love to  go do really fun things in our neighborhood.  There’s Brioche ~ fresh, warm pain au chocolat and a cappuccino to start your day off right.  Then there’s Cafe Europa, Ollie’s, even the local watering hole is within walking distance, and has the best pizza and gluten-free buffalo wings.  DAMN THE SYSTEM.

We love to live in the heart of this amazing city, and we moved here for the convenience of walking to coffee, or drinks, or yummy food.

Staying in all day was the right thing to do.  The hub wanted to take a walk, but it’s just too tempting for me.  I’ll get my sea legs after this weekend is over.

All that to say, I made us a little treat tonight.  I think these might be on the brink of “illegal”, because the book stresses the rule of not baking “paleo” baked goods.  You know those ~ 4 bananas, 6 eggs, and 1 cup nut butter?

That rule was just for me.  I’m sure I would have tried to cheat by baking something like that.

Instead, I made a really delicious ball of some sort.  I guess you could call it a protein ball; it has almonds and dates and a few dried cherries and goji berries, and 100% cacao cocoa powder.  And coconut.

The KETO people might call them fat bombs.  GROSS!

I think I’ll call them TRUFFLES.

Just look at how pretty they are…


They were mighty tasty too.  Not super sweet ~ just satisfying.  And they got us past the Saturday Night FEVER.

We felt all the feels today.  Crankiness, dizziness, weird mouth feel (which apparently happens), feeling like everyone’s against you, bickering with your spouse (Who’s with me?  Anyone?  Bueller?)

But we did it!  Here’s what else we had today:





I do NOT know how I took that professional of a picture with my phone!  Most food bloggers have big fancy cameras.

I also MARIE KONDO-ed my walk-in closet.  I’ll show you the before and after when it’s officially “after”.

It has been a productive Saturday.  A difficult one, but a productive one.

I need to get to work posting these recipes!  Hope everyone is still hangin’ in there!!!!  Don’t forget to slow down, take bubble baths, read, light candles, or just do whatever makes you feel peaceful during the storm!

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