Day 5.

This has been the hardest of the 5 days.  I’m so cranky, so angry, so frustrated.  I want to kill all the things.  I have serious road rage.  I have yelled at the hub, and the hub has barked back (which he never does).

And I hear the hardest days are yet to come ~ yikes!  But for me, the weekends are always going to be the hardest.

I have learned a couple things today, though:

  • If you are worried about awkward social situations, I’m not sure that drinking will make the situation any better.  I feel awkward A LOT.  I never let anyone see that ~ heck, I don’t even let myself think it.  But I do whatever it takes to remain jovial and enjoyable and the life of the party.  To my own detriment.
  • The hub and I both are experiencing the uncomfortable feeling of boredom.  We’re not bored ~ we have tons going on in our lives.  But we aren’t treating ourselves every meal, and at Happy Hour, etc.  Our heart rates have slowed down, and we are very sedate, and also…boring.  There’s a sense of “now what are we going to do?”  That’s really funny when you think that we haven’t changed a thing about our lives except what we eat and drink!
  • One more thing:  this blog is helping me stay on-plan SO MUCH.  Thank you for indulging me, and inspiring me.  No one ever comments, but I don’t care.  Just knowing that people might be reading this and trying to do this reset with me makes me feel a responsibility I love to feel.  I know there are about 5 of you who are doing the reset, and I just want to tell you that I am so enjoying looking for great recipes to post!  I have to post some more tonight, but then I promise I won’t be posting a million posts a day this week.  But thank you for caring!

Sending a few more recipes I have loved tonight!  Much love to you all!


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