Day 6.

Tomorrow marks a week!  YAHOO!

How is everyone doing?

I just have a few things to report today:

  1. I feel like a kid.  Kid-like energy, kid-like excitement for things, kid-like hunger, like how much I cannot WAIT for dinner.
  2. Apparently, my breath stinks.  The hub let me know.  It’s either all the salads I’m eating, or maybe it’s that Keto thing where your mouth feels fuzzy and you get weird breath?  Not sure, but darn it.  I need to invest in some altoids.
  3. I’m starting to feel the utter freedom of not “needing” anything.  I don’t need to be entertained by food, or drink, or buying things, or watching TV even.  I’m starting to  get lots and lots done around our house, and my piles of work with my business are starting to shrink.  HUZZAH!  (That’s not why I did this reset ~ that’s just a side-effect, but I love it.)

Here’s what I ate today:


  • FREE Starbucks coffee at the gym!!!!
  • PHO broth from the freezer, with Spicy Thai Meatballs, and a large handful of fresh spinach, chopped and added to the bowl (wait a minute ~ no wonder my breath stinks!)


  • Green grapes (one of my favorite things, and I haven’t had them in so long)
  • Raw almonds
  • Plaintain chips with homemade salsa


  • Salmon (seasoned with lemon juice, salt and Dijon mustard, and fried in a pan with coconut oil)
  • Green salad with lots of broccoli, carrots, baby Bok Choy ~ just lots of leftover bits from this week.  Tossed in a quite vinaigrette of olive oil, rice vinegar, lemon juice, Dijon mustard and salt and pepper.
  • Some more green grapes (gotta be careful but they’re SO GOOD)


  • Hot herbal tea (but the real treat was finishing some much-needed work while watching “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo!!!

I didn’t eat as much as I had the past days, but I was really busy today and just didn’t make time to prep food, especially breakfast.  I’ll work to eat more for breakfast tomorrow.

Goodnight, everyone!  Hope you all are doing well!

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