DAY 7!!!!



That is all.

Okay, I guess I have more to say than that!

I made a new fancy drink today!

Remember the first one?  The lemonade sweetened with pineapple?  That was lovely.  And turns out, the hub and I really only needed a little bit in the bottom of the glass, and filled the rest up with sparkling water, and it was plenty of flavor and sweet and treat!

This one is the same.  I think I love this one even more because I don’t like super sweet umbrella drinks, and somehow this one isn’t sweet at all.  But fruity!


Did you know that fresh, raw cranberries are filled with crazy anti-aging superpowers?  They’re packed with antioxidants, protect our cells and our collagen, lower aging inflammation, increase our skin’s tolerance to UV light, and give the skin a gorgeous glow by increasing blood flow to the skin.  They also keep us beautiful by promoting good digestion and healthy lymph flow!

That’s straight from a book I really love, “EAT PRETTY” by Jolene Hart.  It’s my go-to for seasonal affective disorder…

Quit blabbing and give us the recipe already…


Blend the following:

  • 2 cups raw cranberries (I bought a ton around thanksgiving and froze them in 2 cup portions, but I think you can still find them in the freezer section, at least)
  • 1 orange, skin and seeds removed (buy a Cara Cara ~ I think they’re seedless)
  • 1 ripe mango
  • a handful of green grapes (super sweet)
  • 4 cups (or more) purified water

Strain with a fine-mesh sieve, and store in the fridge until the need for a refresher hits you!


That’s how little it takes to flavor the whole drink.

And here’s the finished drink, in all its glory.


Do you have umbrellas for drinks?  You can buy them online and use them for literally club soda and lime juice, and you will feel like you’re on a beach.  Well, almost.

Here’s the drink being put to good use while I’m practicing!


And just in case you can’t see that coaster a student bought me ~ it says, “will show knickers for chocolate.”  Ha ha ha ha

I sucked this little treat down and now I feel like I used to feel when I would dance around my room as a kid, listening to music as high as it would go!




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