Day 8 & 9!!!

OOPS!!  Didn’t get to day 8 in time!  How is everyone doing?  I can’t BELIEVE I’ve stayed true to this thing for this long!!!  YAHOO!  I’ve NEVER done that.  I actually thought I wasn’t capable of this kind of thing, after trying so many times and falling off.

One of the things that has really helped me stay on-plan is the section in the book about cheating.  If you cheat, you have to start over.  Even a sip of wine or a bite of a cookie.  I don’t usually like restrictions like that, but it got me so much further this time.

No doubt, it also has made all the difference that the hub is doing it too.  And he’s doing really well, I might add.  Looking and feeling really good!

So, in summary ~ Cranky Pixy is gone (for now), the weird ketosis breath thing is gone, too (I think), and I’m in that interesting stage they talked about in the book where you have a hard time remembering to eat ~ or you have to tell yourself to eat, even when you’re not hungry.  The last few days, I’ve really not eaten enough, and I wouldn’t consider my meals to be balanced, that’s for sure.  There is so much going on, and my fridge is starting to go bare.

Time for more recipes!

I have some AWESOME recipes coming to you tomorrow, by the way!  I have my very own concert series ~ and tomorrow night, it’s at our house!  We’re serving mulled wine, but I’m making us a Whole 30-compliant substitute.  I’m also making three appetizers, which are all Whole-30 compliant as well.  But SHHHHH ~ don’t tell anyone!

Recipes and pictures to come!!!

Much love to you all!!!  Keep up the good work!!!

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