Chai Spiced Hot Apple Cider.

Here is a great new hot drink for your Whole 30 enjoyment!


Boil at least 2 cups water and drop in the following:

  • cinnamon sticks
  • cardomom pods
  • allspice or cloves
  • whole star anise pods

I bought a chai mix at my local spice store, to make it easier and cheaper.

You could even add black peppercorns, or black tea leaves.

Steep the aromatics in the hot water for as long as you’d like.  The flavor only intensifies and gets better over time.  You can even put this whole thing in the fridge, aromatics and all, and use throughout the week.

Here’s the rest:

Combine a little bit of real apple cider (not from concentrate) with the Chai tea and heat up on the stove.  Trader Joe’s has honey crisp apple cider.  My fave.

The idea is to use more of the chai tea than the apple cider.  The cider is like a simple syrup in this situation, so maybe 1/4 of the drink is the cider.

This really helps me get through those sticky times when I feel like I need a glass of comforting red wine or a cup of tea, but I’m sick of hot tea by the evening.  The Hub and I both made it through the wine break at church on Wednesday night with this great drink!


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