Day 12.

Day 12 is coming to a close.

12 days?  That’s almost two weeks!  I’m already plotting and scheming ~ “What am I going to eat when I’m off of this plan? Is everything going to fall apart? I don’t want to lose this feeling!”

I’m sitting in the lobby of the Westin Crown Center, in Kansas City, which is where we have our gym.  The Hub is swimming and I’ve already spent a small amount of time on the treadmill.  I can see a man sitting with a glass of wine, slowly sipping and watching TV.  Let’s face it ~ I’m going to want to do that as soon as this is over.  Will that completely spoil everything?

The Hub and I talked today about maybe what we can do to live the lives we want to live, but stay healthy and on this track of clarity and balance.  I think one evening ~ Friday evening ~ could be a “let your hair down” night.  It seems hard to limit myself to just one night, but I love the way I feel.  I think this might be a great compromise.

We’ll see.

Today would have been really hard if it hadn’t been for the Hub.  He was amazing today. We Marie Kondo-ed our closet, which was like some kind of couple’s therapy ~ seriously.  And we also cooked dinner together.  I can’t believe what I just wrote!  He braved the 10 inches or more of snow on the deck to grill the steak outside, and I made shrimp and asparagus ~ recipes to come.

The kitchen is clean, and I feel like a million bucks.  Will this all go away when rehearsals and crazy schedules start back up again?

I want to hold on to this feeling forever!

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