Day 14!!!

I feel like this is a milestone day!  Two weeks we’ve been on this plan, and we haven’t slipped up once!  I’m SHOCKED.  No one is more shocked than I am. We have passed a few difficult tests, kind of like the Fire Swamp in The Princess Bride?  Except our Rodents of Unusual Size are cocktail parties and Wednesday night church choir wine breaks.  HA! … Continue reading Day 14!!!

Pork Chops & Applesauce.

Okay, it’s getting a little too meaty around here. I never thought I’d eat so much meat. But I’m just trying to stay in this reset. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to give it a rest with the meat. In the meantime, here’s a mouth-watering picture of our dinner ~ pork chops and applesauce!  (And waaay too little spinach, but that’s all we had!) I had … Continue reading Pork Chops & Applesauce.