Day 15 & 16.

Trudging through these days.  That‘s a word, right?  Trudging?

I am really struggling this week.  My beloved coffee has been ripped away from me.  I‘m trying to heal my digestion and this is the next step, along with all the other things I‘ve eliminated.

This is rough.

And so not fair.

And what‘s even funnier is ~ it really doesn‘t have anything to do with the caffeine!  I drink decaf half the time.  I actually just love the flavor of black coffee, and I have no interest in stopping.  But I‘ve got to do this to see if I can turn my issues around.

I have some delicious recipes to post!  But I might have to post them later.  I‘m too low and frustrated and cranky.


Anyone else still out there?  Still on plan?  If so, I feel your pain if you have any!

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