Day 17.

It is so gloomy here!  And cold and miserable.  It’s really not helping my situation, as I trudge (there’s that word again) through the last weeks of this reset.

Okay, this is a 21-Day Reset.  So this is technically and officially over in 5 days.  But I really want to try and go the whole 30 days.  I guess I’ll just see what happens, since I’ll be out of town for days 22-25.

And today is day 4 without coffee.  Just green tea over here.  And that lemon drink in the morning.

Have I told you about that?

  • Take one organic lemon and cut the ends off.
  • Cut the lemon into quarters and throw into a blender.
  • Add about 20 ounces warm water and blend.
  • Strain and sip all morning, for your most alkaline self!!

It really is sunshine in a glass.  You can feel it waking you up and rehydrating you after a long winter’s nap.


Here’s something else I did this morning that was mighty tasty!



That’s a great way to start the day!  It’s one orange, one avocado, some kalamata olives, a tiny 1/2 teaspoon of rice wine vinegar, and salt and pepper.

Really filling, and not eggs, for once!

Also, I shaved 30 seconds off my 2-mile run this morning!  Huzzah!

(I won’t even tell you how long it takes me to run a mile ~ you’d laugh.  But man my legs are short)

That’s all for now.  I’m super stressed out today.  I feel like I have a 1,000 things to do, and only an hour to do them.  No, I don’t feel that way ~ that’s actually WHAT IT IS!


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