Day 18 & 19.

I cannot believe this is still happening!  Anyone tired of this dang posts?

Don’t answer that.  I’m tired of myself at this point.

Another hurdle yesterday!  I had a rare out-of-town gig with my lovely trio (shout-out to the amazing director, who works hard to get us gigs in this difficult market called the Midwest!)

We always stop after the performance and get something really decadent. We earned it!  We drive into the heart of Kansas, in 19-degree weather, put on our Spanx (well, I’m pretty sure no one attempted Spanx for Iola, KS ~ especially the pianist, who is a man and very thin, the jerk) and bring beautiful, thought-provoking music to a community that deserves beautiful music every bit as much as the folks in New York do.

So yes, we deserve a little A&W on the way home.

But I came prepared.  I brought snaaaaaaacks!

  • Apple slices marinated in lime juice ~ I heard about this online and had to try it.  It gets a perfume-y flavor ~ very nice, but I think I’d like it better with another kind of citrus, like orange.
  • Macademia nuts ~ Did you know that Costco is selling huge bags of macademias for only $17.99?  That an amazing price!
  • Rosemary-salted Almonds ~ okay, these are amazing.  I got this recipe from my accountant, who is also just an all-around fun and amazing person.  I added rosemary to the mix to take it next-level, and they are divine!  You blanch them and remove the skins, which is actually super easy to do.  They’re crunchy and delicate and kind of taste like popcorn if you close your eyes real tight.

I had more snacks, but I’ve run out of time!  I have a typical Sunday for me ~ my paid church singing job, a three-hour rehearsal, a break, and another 1-hour rehearsal.  Done at 10pm.  These back-to-back difficult weekend marathons are exactly why I struggle with my eating habits, so PRAY FOR ME!!


Time to prove it to myself that I can keep doing the right things, when I don’t have a minute to my name, or a sane thought in my head.


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