Happy Snow Day!  AGAIN!  Do you live in KC, or anywhere in the Midwest?  If so, you’re probably snowed in right now.  We are, and we are not sad about it.  The Hub and I went to Trader Joe’s early this morning and nailed it with some slow cooker meals, meat for the freezer, and fruits and veggies GALORE!!!

Here’s a little tip you probably already know…two tips, actually:

  1.  When you go buy a bunch of groceries, if you have time, come home and prep those meals right away.  It’s so nice to have pulled pork already made, chicken drumsticks in a korean BBQ marinade, a yummy Indian coleslaw made and in the fridge, and chicken leg-quarters brining in a champagne/mustard/apple cider brine. (Does it sound like I’m bragging about my accomplishments today?  CUZ I AM.)
  2. This is a great tip!  When you decide to buy all the things at the grocery store, also buy some kind of cheap, easy lunch, like gluten-free mac n cheese or a frozen cauliflower crust pizza.  You don’t want to be ravenous and hangry as all get-out while you’re prepping all that gorgeous food.  No negativity energy in the prep kitchen!

That’s all the bossy advice I have to offer.

Today, I made…

ISLAND PULLED PORK (which just means I used pineapple ~ isn’t that always what “island” means?)

KOREAN BBQ CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS ~ I just made the marinade for these and put them in ziplocks and right into the freezer, marinade and all.  When we get them out, we’ll just defrost and grill!  (I love how I’m saying “we” now.  The Hub is really stepping it up, now that he has had the occasional snow day to get some R&R!)

CHICKEN ‘N RICE ~ All I did today was throw some leg-quarters (bone-in) into a large ziplock, and added some old champagne that needed to go, along with some stone-ground mustard, salt, pepper, and the end of some apple cider that also need to go.  It’s been brining all day, and I’ll throw it in the slow cooker tonight before we hit the hay.

Along with some rice and mushrooms.  MMMMMM….

The pulled pork is now finished, as well as the Indian coleslaw, and the Hub has used some of the pork for nachos.  JACKPOT.

The only other thing I bought at the store was ingredients for Caesar salad ~ our favorite.  Romaine is okay to eat again, right?

Posting those delectable recipes soon!!!!  HAPPY NETFLIXING, OR READING, OR WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING!!!



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