LENT 2.0

Okay, friends. I have had a little bit of a rough start to the Lenten Fast. Actually, it hasn’t been rough at all. It’s been very easy because I haven’t been doing it at all. I’ve had wine, dessert, gluten ~ you name it, I’ve had it.

I want to start again, but I need to change the rules up a bit for myself.

I saw a wellness/behavior counselor the other day, and we discovered that I am WAAAAY too intense and extreme with my ideals of being healthy and fit. I honestly didn’t realize that was an issue. I just felt like I was a failure at these things and kept tightening the strings little by little, until some day I could be successful. But my extreme goals for eating, exercise, and wellness in general, have made it almost impossible for me to even take the first steps successfully.

I think she has a point.

So I’m going a little more slowly and have decided to be super kind to myself, even though I’ve totally screwed up the first few days of Lent.

A feasible, doable goal is what I’m going to set now.

This is new territory for me, but here goes.

  • Since I’m having significant changes in my body, mind and spirit (AKA Perimenopause), I’m going to factor all of those in. How nice of me, for once. Self-love, y’all. Self-love. I don’t think I can eliminate any one thing, or bust. It paralyzes me, confuses me, and makes me feel horrible about myself. Instead, I would like to limit certain behaviors, like only drinking when it’s a social event, and just relaxing my worries about what I’m eating, within reason. The truth of the matter is: I set those extreme restrictions in hopes of even succeeding half of the time, but what that does to my confidence is horrible. I take a serious hit every single time.
  • What I’ll add is the freedom to exercise without any worry if it will make a difference in my body whatsoever. Also difficult. I’m so dang hard on myself. Gotta stop that.
  • Finally, I will journal self-love as much as I can, and try to spend some quality time meditating and praying. I need to get used to this self-love thing!

Tell me how you’re doing. Have you had a hard time with the no-sugar thing? I hope you are doing well. I have learned so much this week. It has been so eye-opening, tear-jerking, and uplifting in every single way. Knowledge really is power.


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