Pick your poison.

Hello beloved friends. Did you know that you are my accountability partners without even doing a thing? I don’t even have to know who’s reading this to feel a sense of responsibility when I make a declaration, or a promise.

It might backfire on me from time to time, but it’s still so therapeutic to try.

I’m going to do a week-long reset, starting today.

Nothing special, just intuitively eating the things I know will feel like heaven to my body, and stepping away from the habits that don’t really serve me.

I’m coming to the end of a very long, very special relationship, and it’s bittersweet. It’s emotional and liberating, and sad, and an out-of-body experience in every single way.

I have “medicated” while riding this roller coaster ride. And now that it’s reaching the end, I’m going to end the medicating along with it.


Some people medicate with food.

Some with actual medication.

Some with alcohol.

Some medicate with yoga. (Who are you? I want to be you!)

Medication comes in all forms ~ hard work, prayer, reading, escaping, partying, shopping, brownies. I could go on and on…


When you were 10 years old, what was your medication?

Mine was going to my room, shutting the door, laying on my bed, and looking out the window while listening to music. (I was a bit of a melancholy dreamer as a kid)

I dreamt about being an adult, being a musician, living in a cool town, having a cute home, a cute husband, and being fluent in French. I dreamt of being a crackerjack  violinist and pianist, and having great friends and cute clothes. Those were my dreams and I loved looking out the window and planning out that amazing life.

Another medication when I was young: I loved to rearrange my bedroom. I had the world’s tiniest bedroom, but I managed to rearrange that dang room a hundred different ways. I absolutely loved it. I made my Dad take my closet door off and we put an old-timey curtain up instead. I loved the look, and it gave me more space to rearrange my room without worrying about clearing the closet door.

Today? My medication is wine, food I shouldn’t be eating (damn you, French fries), diving into projects, and complaining to my husband. BLECH. Can’t I do better than that?

Come on!


I really do want to continue to be that person who treats herself, and often. But my go-to’s are old and stale.

How about these treats?

  1. Yoga. I swear I glow after I even do 15 minutes. So how is that not an absolute treat?
  2. Meditation and prayer (drink in all that calm, for free! No subscription or spa needed!)
  3. Create something ~ anything. Create a new dish, learn a new aria, sew something, start learning that French!
  4. Eat. Eat the freshest, healthiest, yummiest, brightest colored foods money can buy. (And post the recipes, of course!) Do you know what’s better than French fries? Well, nothing. But do you know what’s the next best thing? Roasted vegetables! Hummus with carrots chips! A flavorful Buddha Bowl with all my favorite colors and flavors! I’m just sayin’ ~ there’s so much amazing food out there, and I want to treat myself with those things!!!!
  5. No more complaining. NO MORE COMPLAINING! No more dreading either. It’s just a habit. It’s also a dreadful waste of time. And I think it might also be causing wrinkles. AW HELL NO!

I guess I should add “no more cussing”.


Have I written this post before? If so, I’m sorry. I have health amnesia. I forget about these declarations and positive promises when I get into my the middle of my crazy world, and all I can see is performances and rehearsals and voice lessons and Taco Bell.

But I really do love healthy choices and I really do want to change.

And I’m gonna keep talking about it until I do!

Starting with 7 days of glorious deliciousness.

And I’ll post my best recipes!!!


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