Cafe Love ~ MILDRED’S.

Those of you who know me, or even follow this blog, have the distinct pleasure of suffering through my digestive woes. Sorry. And thank you. For listening and giving a flip.

I have literally tried EVERYTHING. Everything except eliminating coffee. Oh sure, I went decaf for a while, but it really didn’t work, and I just couldn’t bring myself to completely cut ties from my passion for that rich, dark, comforting, liquid gold.

But five days ago, I switched to decaf, and three days ago, I stopped it completely. And digestive issues? GONE. Only gone for three days, but that’s better than ever.

However, I will not ever give up the coffee shop. I thought it would be too difficult ~ to smell the delicious espresso drinks being made, and not participate seemed cruel.

But actually, it makes me feel like I’m not missing out!

Guys, look at this coffee shop…



I mean, it’s gorgeous.

These cafes are my happy place.

A while back, I had a page where I would review bars or restaurants in KC, and beyond. I  got rid of it because ~ well ~ I don’t know why I got rid of it. I love Kansas City’s restaurant scene. It is seriously something to write about!

Especially these gorgeous coffee shops.

This is MILDRED’S. It was a cute, cozy little joint in the Crossroads District for who-knows-how-long, until they bought the building next to it and made this glorious and beautiful new space. Still cozy, and still the best breakfast sandwich money can buy.

This morning, I am drinking water (womp womp) and having the Classic Breakfast Sandwich ~ scrambled egg, melty cheese and crispy bacon on marble rye toast. (It comes standard with mayo, but hell no I won’t put that on my Sammy.) I also got the breakfast potatoes, because I can DIGEST ALL OF THIS!!!!!!  YAHHOOOOOO!

Gotta go…time to hit the gym. Ha ha ha

Just kidding, of course. I’m going to sit at this bar and bask in this peaceful space until I am forced to leave.

AKA ~ lunchtime.

If you love coffee shops as much as I do (and you don’t ~ no one does) check out this Kansas City gem.

And stay tuned for more restaurant, bar, and coffee shop reviews from PIXY!

You trust me, right?


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