Vive la Buddha Bowl!

The Buddha Bowl is the ANSWER for so many things:

1. gluten free, paleo, and keto styles of eating

2. diverse, easy ways to cook “ethnic” food (not sure if that’s the PC way to say it)

2. eating with your eyes (I love pretty food)

3. getting your veggies ON

4. only messing up one pan and one bowl!!!

And the one I’m going to focus on in this post…

5. the most brilliant, easy, delicious fridge clean-outs ever!


Just look at that bowl of wonderment.

Would you believe that is the result of cleaning out the last vestiges of the fridge? I mean, I could feed that to company.

Now, granted, I know my grocery store game is ON POINT. I’ve been perfecting it for years. It all started with the Suzanne Somers book, Eat Great, Lose Weight. I read it in 2004 or 2005, back when I thought I needed to lose weight, but weighed a whopping 120 pounds. Precious little dummy.

To be fair, I also was looking to fix a digestive issue I had dealt with for years. And the book really opened my eyes and I’ve never really been the same since then. I learned how to buy quality ingredients at the grocery store, and not even bother with the “basics” I grew up with. Way less pantry, way more fresh and whole.

There’s nothing wrong with canned goods for most people, but for me, they hurt. But I still felt like I needed those basic items ~ milk, bread, canned tomato soup, and pasta ~ I guess for my fallout shelter? In case there was a war? Or all the grocery stores closed all around me? And Amazon Prime? And Grubhub?

We didn’t have those things at the time, but the idea of “running out of food” was a huge part of my grocery store game.

Is it yours as well?

If so, don’t feel badly ~ you come by it honestly, just like I do!

What we really need in our pantries and fridges is this: healthy, smart, easy ingredients that are versatile and delicious (to you). Whole foods that feed our bodies and souls. Don’t let one single meal be a nutrient-deficient meal! That’s the worst thing about fast food ~ you’re missing out and your body is starving for what it really needs to run. It’s not that you are eating badly ~ it’s just that you’re not eating…goodly. Oh Lord. So dorky.

When I use the word “you” ~ you know I mean ME, right? I’m telling myself this. I’m reminding myself of these exact words I read in Suzanne Somers’ book all those years ago.

Don’t you love it when a seemingly dumb, ditzy-looking actress turns out to be a brilliant game-changer?

Okay, here’s what I had, and here’s what I did with it.

I pulled the following ingredients out of my fridge, literally emptying it:

* A package of smoked salmon (This is my absolute favorite way to eat salmon. It’s SO versatile) This one was from Trader Joe’s, and it had Everything Bagel seasoning on it.

* A package of precooked lentils from Trader Joe’s (Making my own lentils and freezing them in individual bags would be so easy, but this was a life-saver all week).

* A crisper drawer full of forgotten vegetables: Some sad looking green onions, 3 large portobello mushrooms, 2 leeks, a gorgeous red pepper, one Serrano pepper, and a bag of matchstick carrots that I had to throw away, darnit.

* A small piece of feta leftover (the chunk feta in water is so amazing).

* Eggs! Thank goodness I had eggs!

I really wanted to use all these ingredients up and clean out my fridge completely, so I laid them all out on the counter and tried to find a theme there. Minus the Serrano pepper, these ingredients leaned toward French flavors. Especially the leeks and salmon and mushrooms. Add white wine and Dijon mustard in the cooking, and we could really have something!

So that’s what I did.

I’m also learning so much from this amazing “stir-fry” queen online, Marion Grasby. She says to cut up all your veggies and prep your sauces, then you can just heat up your pan of choice and add the veggies or protein when you think the timing is right. It’s so fun ~ it feels like you’re on a cooking show! Or like you’re painting with a palette of beautiful colors that you can access so easily. LOVE IT.

Here’s the “recipe”, y’all!


  1. Add a tablespoon of butter or ghee to a wok or frying pan.
  2. Start with the mushrooms, until they start to brown.
  3. Add in the leeks ~ mmmmmm.
  4. Deglaze pan with a hit of white wine (or veggie/chicken stock).
  5. Add salt and pepper, and if you want, some stone ground mustard or any other herbs, aromatics.
  6. Dump this mixture into one corner of your serving bowls (one for each lucky guest or family member), and return the pan to the stove.
  7. In that same pan, drop in some lentils, already cooked. Add bone broth or any kind of broth. I like bone broth for the collagen and the intense flavor. These lentils really only needed salt and pepper, but you can add whatever seasonings you like. Add the lentils to the other side of the serving bowls.
  8. Everything else is uncooked! Add the salmon, raw red pepper matchsticks, chopped feta with green onions mixed in, and some fresh cracked black pepper, and a boiled egg cut in half. (My mom taught me a trick to peeling a hard-boiled egg ~ use a spoon turned upside down and run it along the egg ~ it comes right off! Thanks mom!)
  9. Need a dressing or dip with everything? ME TOO. Just a little Dijon mustard, champagne vinegar, a drop of honey, and veggie or chicken broth ~ and you have a lovely vinaigrette you can pour all over that Buddha Bowl. I also added a tarragon/chive dried seasoning mixture, and some salt and pepper. If you had fresh herbs, this would be the place to use them…

Sorry that was such a long tutorial! But I wanted to show you how to do it, so you can use all that lonely, forgotten produce that’s dying to be eaten.

Of course, these ingredients vary based on what you have lurking in your fridge and pantry. Stay tuned this summer for Tex-Mex Buddha Bowls, Indian Buddha Bowls, Mediterranean/Italian Antipasti-style Buddha Bowls and just plain ole Americana Buddha Bowls! And of course, Asian Buddha Bowls, but you probably already knew about those…


Maybe I should rename my blog? Pixy’s Buddha Bowls?

Vive la Buddha Bowl!!!!!

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