Here’s another amazing Kansas City cafe review!

This one is near and dear to my heart ~ I know the owner!!!  I also know the barista! I feel like a celebrity.

It’s called Rochester Brewing and Roasting Company, located in the trendy Crossroads District, and friends, the adorable barista just made a note that I am left-handed for the next time I order a cappuccino, so the heart is on the right side of the cup. Isn’t that SWEEEEEET?


They roast their own coffee right here, and they also brew their own beer. I mean, how cool is that???!!!

I don’t have to tell you that the Hub loves this place. He drinks all the caffeine he can handle, then transitions seamlessly to beer, without a hitch. All while working from two computers. What a guy.

Back off, girls. He’s mine.


The bar is a cozy place to sit and pretend to do work when you’re actually writing a glowing blog review.

Especially on a cloudy day like this one…




The barista just told me there is a 6:30am happy hour for people with night shifts! How thoughtful!

I can’t get enough of this place. Everything is good here, and the atmosphere is fun and slightly industrial ~ an aesthetic I’ve always been drawn to.

You gotta check this place out. If you’re not cool and hip, this place will help.


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