just checking in…

hey y’all!

you still there?

i haven’t written in a LONG, LONG time. i’ve been busy, and i bet you have been, too. who isn’t busy these days? even if you have nothing going on, you can still feel busy, thanks to the one million bright screens we subject ourselves to.

if you ever feel bored, simply get on pinterest and watch your dreams of cookie baking and home reno turn into a full-time job.

every once in a while, when i feel like i might have tackled the good ole “to do” list, and it’s looking like i might be able to make it to the gym or just sit and meditate for a hot second, another life goal pops into my head.

“i sure miss playing my violin.”

“wish i could sew better. i should take a class.”

“wasn’t i going to work on my french? or my french bread recipe? or my french literature?”

MY LORD. i feel sorry for the man who shares a one-bedroom house with this crazy woman.

oh yeah, and i just got my real estate license. HUH?

and here i am, sending y’all a blog on one of the busiest, most stressful days of my year.

but here’s why i ended up messing around on my blog this morning:

i have a gorgeous friend who is laid up after her knee surgery, and i really want to make her some food. so i got on my blog to find my go-to favorite chicken soup.

here it is…


while i was searching for this recipe, i read a few posts.

i cannot BELIEVE how healthy i was! it was just a few years ago, but even my writing was so young and fresh and healthy and light-hearted. i have most definitely fallen off the wagon, and have totally become a curmudgeon.

note to self: stop being a curmudgeon.

that’s all.

new healthy recipes coming soon! i have some killer asian-inspired recipes i’m working on, and you are going to flip over the flavors. haven’t quite perfected them yet, but stay tuned!!!


2 thoughts on “just checking in…

  1. Love you! I hope it goes well tonight, very sad I can’t be there. I def need some healing recipes, this beast in my chest shows no signs of leaving…. Hugs

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