Crunchy Sesame Eggs.

I’m home sick today, feeling like poo on a platter. A poo poo platter. Get it? Po Po Platter ~ poo poo platter?

(Never too sick to pun)

I never see the Po Po Platter on Chinese restaurant menus anymore. What was that anyway?

Anyway, I can never just lay in bed and not be productive when I’m sick. Sometimes I get my best work done on these sick days. Is that wrong to admit? Oh well, there it is.

This morning, my breakfast was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s take on boring old fried eggs, in his “5 ingredient” book.

Here’s a link to his book, by the way:

I bought it on Amazon Prime, but this is what the book looks like:


I’m in love.

Look ~ I’m not trying to steal his ideas and brilliance, and pretend they’re mine! But he has thoroughly inspired me to cook more at home, even with all this awesome real estate training and concert series work I’m focusing on right now. And I just want to share it all with you.

In fact, I’m performing tonight, and thanks to these easy but delicious recipes, I feel confident that I’ll have time to eat at home tonight! That’s a great feeling. Eating out can be really unhealthy. And expensive! And when you’re feeling as rotten as I am? It’s comforting to know that there’s easy food at home.

Okay, here’s the technique he uses: he sprinkles a layer of sesame seeds in the bottom of a dry frying pan, and cooks his eggs ON TOP. Brilliant! So you get a crunch on the bottom with the seeds, and you don’t have to use any oil!

Well, I use a little oil, to be honest. I don’t think I have the fancy non-stick pan Jamie Oliver has. But all I use is a little natural avocado oil spray. So it’s still really healthy!

Here’s the Pixy version of Jamie’s recipe (apparently we’re on a first name basis):

  • In a frying pan sprayed with a little avocado oil, sprinkle a mixture of black and toasted sesame seeds in the middle of the pan, and heat on medium.
  • Carefully crack two eggs over the sesame seeds at any point. Sprinkle with kosher salt.
  • Add some halved cherry tomatoes to the pan, around the eggs as well.
  • Flip and turn off the heat if you like gel-like yolks. The heat from the pan will still cook the eggs, but not get them too overdone.
  • For extra credit, add fresh spinach! How healthy and delicious would that be? Let it wilt but stay green. Yummy.

I love spinach and tomatoes with my eggs in the morning.

Here’s a picture!


Crunchy sesame seeds, creamy eggs, and bright, beautiful tomatoes.

I’m feeling better already.



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