Two delicious summer salads.

I have two great ~ I mean GREAT ~ mothers. My real mother (Hi Mom!) and the mother I inherited when I married the Giant Scandinavian (who is currently my hero because he has somehow figured out how to teach CHOIR from home).

And both of my mothers have brightened up my life, this past week, with their amazing recipes.

I recently purchased a recipe-organizing app (NERD ALERT) called Paprika and OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT. Can someone really love an organizing app this much, you might ask?

Why yes they can. And they do. And it’s me.

So I quickly downloaded and organized all my “family heirloom” recipes that were flapping around in the mess that is my Google Drive. And it brought those great recipes to the front of my mind ~ Pizza Pasta Salad, Crunchy Asian Salad, Best Meatloaf Ever, my mom’s apple “breakfast” danish ~ so many great recipes.

So I made a few this week, just to give me that happy feeling, and bring those mothers closer to me.

Oh forget it ~ I was just hungry.


Guys, this does not even need pasta. It’s the oregano-studded, red wine vinegar-based dressing that makes you feel like you’re eating at a pizzeria. This could be amazingly healthy if you want it to be ~ just use veggies and forget the cheese and pasta!

I just made this today for lunch, after spending some time at the Nelson-Atkins Museum lawn, here in sunny Kansas City.  I walked I lay on a blanket, and I soaked up the sun. And then I came home and had a tiny bowl of this and it made me feel like everything was going to be okay.

It usually has pepperoni, but I didn’t have that today, so I made up for it in cheese.

This pasta reminds me of summer, my sister and I sun-bathing on the picnic table for hours with only baby oil, BBQ’s in the backyard, and almost everything we can still have right now ~ quarantined or not.

Here’s the recipe, and all its variations.



She makes this salad we all know and love, called Crunchy Ramen Salad (actually it’s called Oriental Salad, but is that PC? Oriental rugs are still okay, but I’m thinking Oriental salad might not be. I’ll leave it to your discretion, folks).

I like the sound of CRUNCHY RAMEN SALAD, so I renamed it. Sorry, Cindy!


I also made some tweaks to fit my diet, because sugar gives me anxiety and stomach pain, and pretty much makes me feel like a bad person.

I made some other tweaks, as well, but only because my pantry currently has the Coronavirus.

Here’s that post!

I love these women, and I love their food.

Thank you, ladies!



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