Bunker Bolognese.

Look away, purists. I say that a lot, because I don’t want to offend anyone by, say, putting capers in my Bolognese, or mushrooms in my Bulgogi. But here in the Bunker, if I’ve got bits and bobs in my fridge that need to be used, and would enhance the flavor? Well then all bets are off. I mean, I’m not purely one thing, so … Continue reading Bunker Bolognese.

Honeydew and Lemon Balm Chilled Soup.

The Hub and I created this phrase ~ “The Network of Luxury”. These are close friends who also happen to possess amazing gifts, talents, lake houses, or other incredible benefits that make your friendship just that much richer. Perfect example: our friends, Kate and Anna, own a farm called Roots, Fruits and Greens Farm, and have started an online delivery business ~ http://www.farmici.com. They sell … Continue reading Honeydew and Lemon Balm Chilled Soup.