Lobster Quiche.

Lobster Quiche? Oooh la laaaa ~ how fancy!

Lobster is definitely on my list of top five favorite foods. The texture, the flavor, the richness ~ I just can’t get enough. And I almost feel like it should never be eaten any other way but by itself, with some clarified butter. To hide it in a quiche seems like a sacrilege.

But we bought this bag of frozen Langostino lobster bites at Costco, and they’re not really the best flavor ever.

Hence the decision to make the quiche.

Why am I telling you all this?

No clue. I just wanted to preface this recipe with a little explanation ~ I’m not in love with lobster quiche. But maybe you are?

Or maybe you also bought the huge Costco bag of Langostino lobster pieces?

But it really is a gorgeous and decadent thing, isn’t it?

Enough chit-chat ~ here’s the recipe:


This crust is my all-time favorite crust. It’s gluten and grain free, dairy free, made only with almond flour and a little bit of coconut oil, and an egg. It has the best flavor, and can be enjoyed by Keto/Paleo/Gluten-free/dairy-free and just nutty people.

Here’s the crust recipe:

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Drop 2 cups almond flour, 2 tablespoons coconut oil, a pinch of salt, and 1 egg into a food processor and pulse until it all comes together. You can also add herbs, like rosemary, to the crust.

Press the crust into a pie plate or tart pan and pre-bake, just the crust alone, for 8-10 minutes, to start the browning process.

Isn’t that the easiest recipe ever? I just love it, and it works great for savory or sweet.

Here’s the filling:

Start with some fresh and yummy veggies in a frying pan. Add a little oil or butter and sautee onions, garlic, spinach, mushrooms ~ any veggies that SPARK JOY.

By the way, how in the hell do you spell sautee? I don’t deserve to have a food blog if I don’t know how to spell that.

(And yet, she persists.)

Meanwhile, whisk together 4-6 eggs, some milk, cream, or the nut milk of your choosing.

Add in the white cheese of your dreams. I used shredded white sharp cheddar, and some goat cheese.

Drop in your sauteed veggies.

Season with salt, pepper, some Old Bay seasoning if you have it, and dried herbs, like tarragon. I LOVE tarragon, especially with fish, but dill is amazing too, or rosemary. Just add your favorites, and don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Drop in as much lobster as you can afford, defrosted and chopped into bite-size pieces.

(What’s the best way to defrost fish? Put the fish in a ziplock bag and seal it up. Drop it in cold water and it will defrost in less than 15 minutes.)

Top the quiche with parmesan cheese, more of that white cheddar, and more black pepper. Lobster and black pepper are star-crossed lovers.

Bake the quiche until the cheesy top is brown and bubbly, and the quiche itself is set and not jiggly in the middle ~ about 25 minutes.

I can’t stop looking at this picture. MMMMM….

And there you have it friends. The best way to get your husband to take out the trash. NAILED IT.

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