Oh friends, I TOLD you. I TOLD you I would add more to the list.

The three M’s are about to expand to four. I forgot. Forgive me.

I almost didn’t want to bother you all with this, but my friend Liz (Hi, Liz!) just told me she wanted to add an M! Then I thought, “Well, now I’ve gotta do it!”

It was a sign from my gorgeous friend Liz…

So, I feel strongly compelled to add one more piece to the puzzle ~ MEDITATION. How could I forget?

Meditation, to me, means sitting quietly, possibly praying, or possibly not thinking at all, taking a walk in the woods, window shopping, savoring that glass of wine on your porch, even singing.

There are so many ways to really unplug from this world, but there’s literally nothing else that is quite as potent. Even 10 minutes of checking out can still the mind, reframe the narrative, and set you on the right path.

I never realized this fully, until I started meditating first thing in the morning, before even getting out of bed.

Every morning, I wake up with tons of energy. I always thought that was a gift. But it’s more like a ton of anxiety shooting me out of bed and catapulting me into 10 different projects before I can even spell my name correctly. Then I reach for the coffee. Help me, dark liquid. Help me unscramble all the thoughts!

I thought I had to harness that and use it in the morning, before I would completely poop out after lunch. But NO. I poop out after lunch because I let that energy spin out and go wild all morning. By 2:00pm, I am beside myself with imbalance and worry.


And inevitable happy hour to come soon after that. Ugh.

Turns out, if I start with a simple guided meditation (I love the Insight Timer app, but any app will do) ~ I can keep on rocking at a slow and steady pace, all day long!

And let me be clear. NONE of this has to do with shirking responsibilities, or not being productive. I’m still gettin’ those bills paid, y’all. In fact, I am a thousand times more productive when I start my day with a little “chill pill”. A crazy train disruptor, no doubt.

I’ll be honest ~ I’m productive like nobody’s business. What I really am constantly looking for is peace. I don’t seem to have an abundance of that lately. But the second I tap into that inner peace, lo and behold, I’m finding myself just THAT MORE PRODUCTIVE! YAHOOOOO! EUREKA!! We really CAN have it all!!

Is that how you spell Eureka? Or is that how you spell Eureka Springs? Or both? I hate typos and misspelled words. Hate them. I don’t think my awesome english teacher sister is on here, but if you are, Beth, help!

Somehow, I always knew these all-important M&M’s (ha ha) would be the cure for what ails me. What if I did them every day for a year, and I had less anxiety, less depression, better health, clearer focus, and wild productivity?

I’m so nervous. I’m so scared that I won’t follow through with this. I will be so devastated if I drop it. I MUST DO THIS!

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