Day 5.

Day 5 has been ROUGH. Not rough because the M&M’s are hard ~ rough because LIFE IS HARD.

And the M&M’s are supposed to help buffer that difficulty just a bit. But it’s pretty hard to get those M’s in when you’re at rock bottom. (Except actual M&M’s, of course).

But these wonderful M’s might help you out of rock bottom, Pixy!


Anyone who has ever suffered with depression, knows exactly what I mean. The very thing that helps you take that one step out of hell, is the most arduous task ever.

Today, I took a walk in the Union Hill Cemetery, which is a peaceful, tranquil, tree-huggers delight. I walked very slowly and caught up on Marco Polo videos from amazing people in my life (thanks, friends and family).

I’m gonna count that as Meditation AND Moving.

This blog post counts as my Morning Pages, even though it’s 6pm.

And Music? I’m just going to say no thanks to music today. Not feelin’ you, Music.

Realization: Some days it’s just not going to happen. And that’s okay.

2 thoughts on “Day 5.

  1. I feel you. The fact that you went on the walk DOES COUNT. Counting what you did vs didn’t do is key. While it might not feel like it changed a whole lot it did; it’s another deposit in the “one day I’m gonna feel lighter” account.

    1. I love the way you say that, Toni! I think it saw me through the day at a much higher level than if I hadn’t done anything at all. Maybe there’s a spectrum? With all the things that went wrong yesterday, I should have been crying in my boots. But I wasn’t!
      LOVE YOU!

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