Day 10.

Sheesh! The days are flying by!

Each day of this challenge has been totally different. Some days, I accomplish all four M’s like a little soldier, and all before 10am. It’s as if they are the easiest four habits in the world. Other days…well…it might take me all day, or I might not even get one accomplished.

But the fact that those four M’s have become a priority to me? That’s a big deal.

Today, I started with a rather noisy meditation. Noisy in my head like crickets chirping in my brain. Raging migraine pain, and no amount of deep breathing could calm it. But I still did it.

Then journaling and coffee. LOVELY, but headache still raging.

A full day of work, but I actually enjoyed myself. Would I have enjoyed it that much if I hadn’t slayed those early morning dragons? I doubt it. I would have fought them all day long.

Then the Hub and I walked after dinner.


What did I just write? That is truly amazing. Life goals, y’all. Life goals.

This all made a total difference in my evening habits, my nighttime depression, my sheer boredom and lethargy, my wine drinking habit I’m trying to kick, and even my TV binge-watching.

After the walk, I learned a Beethoven piano piece and sang some pretty French art songs.


This is when the benefits start rolling in. This was the whole point I wanted to get to with these M&M’s.

But who’s to say how easy or difficult it will be tomorrow? I want this to be a tried-and-true habit, without fail, even maybe at the same time every day. But that might be asking too much.

Oh well. I’ll celebrate my victory today!

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