Day 22.

Rough week for the good ole M&M challenge.

M&M’s…I hardly knew ye.

I won’t bore you with the ugly details of my week. Let’s just say that I was too sick to lift the remote, so I watched back-to-back episodes of House Hunters International, until I was 100% convinced that packing my bags and moving to sunny Croatia was my only option.

I came to my senses by Friday, which was also the first day of the week that my head didn’t feel like a bowling ball.

I’m not complaining, though! There’s something about being sick that really puts some serious things into perspective. Here are some things I learned while being horizontal for four days:

  1. The Hub NEEDS me. While I’m mourning the loss of the little salary I made before the pandemic, I have discovered that there is a lot to do around here. Just call me Julie, your cruise director! There’s healthy food to be made, cleaning and organizing to do, and a whole host of home reno projects that could be checked off the list, if I would just DROP. THE. GUILT. So I will. WOW…that only took me six months to lock in. Oh well ~ better late than never, as they say.
  2. Friends and family checking in on you when you’re sick is like winning the lottery. I needed that, you guys. Thank you.
  3. Sometimes this M&M challenge will literally turn into a challenge of just how many M&M’s one can ingest in a day. If there’s only one thing to eat in the house, and it’s peanut M&M’s, well then, one must eat those M&M’s. (I’m going to the grocery store today. I promise.)
  4. Grieving can feel like the flu.
  5. Once you get up off that couch, brush the sweaters off your teeth, and shake off being ill, it feels like a million bucks. It feels like a new start to everything. I’ve got a new game plan for my self/un-employed life, and I’m ready to hit the ground running. Just as soon as I go to the store and get some food that actually fuels my body, like, oh I don’t know, vegetables? Fruit?

I have a new schedule, starting Monday, thanks to a new program my friend Amy gifted me (thank you so much, Amy!)

It’s a program that helps you figure out how to work from home without losing your mind and setting your house on fire. IT’S AWESOME.

Generosity is such a lifesaver.

More recipes coming soon!

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