Day 60/365.

I wonder how easy life would be if we could cut off our emotions and just be robots? Granted, I don’t want that kind of life. But could I maybe have just a touch of it? My year-long challenge is 60 days in, and I’m seeing the extreme, incredible benefits in pushing past the way I feel, or how much I don’t want to do … Continue reading Day 60/365.

Pesto & Hummus for Lovers.

I have recently discovered that I’m slightly sensitive to garlic. Especially the volume of garlic they use in restaurants. What are they doing ~ marinating the food in a garlic oil bath? It’s just too much, along with all the oil, sugar and salt. It’s like they don’t trust that we’ll come back to their restaurant unless they show all their cards in every single … Continue reading Pesto & Hummus for Lovers.