Day 34/365.

I’ve tried to write this post for five days now, and every time I start, I get lost in a million thoughts. I don’t want these to be too long and laborious, and I definitely don’t want them to be a play-by-play of all the amaaaaahzing things I’ve learned and accomplished ~ brag brag brag, or even worse, all the crap things that have happened ~ whine whine whine.

I will say that August was rough. Understatement of the year. Physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually. You name it. At least it was thorough!!

But I will also say ~ now that it’s over, I’m so glad I went through the roller coaster. The messiness of it gave me clarity and peace, somehow. It’s just something I need to go through to get to the other side.

Finding meaning in the transition is a really great thing.

Here are some of the latest few, fun discoveries that have made the M&M challenge just a little easier:

1. I’ve started using this app called Fabulous ~ Daily Self Care. It’s really great for creating and keeping habits, which is obviously part of the M&M challenge. The app looks and sounds like a create-your-own-ending storybook, which makes me smile and not take myself so seriously. I always think of my nieces when I’m using the app, and how much they would love it.

There’s an option to listen to meditative music, and you can create any habits you want for morning, afternoon and evening. The 4M’s are in there, front and center! And also, annoying little habits I struggle with, like flossing. Blech. I loathe flossing. But now I’m doing it because of the Fabulous app! Check it out!

2. My volatile relationship with exercise continues. I hope that one year from now I will be talking about exercise as if it’s a close, dear friend. Apart from the self-loathing and frustration every time I workout, I really can see that exercise is a lifesaver. It’s not something you add to your life when you just want to firm up or lose a few pounds. To be honest, I have never seen a difference in my body due to working out (hence the frustration and confusion).

But, and this is a BIG BUTT ~ it unscrambles my brain. It turns me into a “Just Do It” girl on the days that I choose to move. I am NINE parts creative artist, and ONE part all the other things humans are (what are those things? I don’t even know). Exercise helps me balance all that out a little better. But it only lasts one day. I have to get back up in the morning and exercise again to find the balance. The feeling doesn’t carry over to the next day for me.


3. The third thing I’ve added to my life is a meal plan. It’s 80/20 plant-based, so you can have a few things each week that aren’t on the plan, like meat or wine or something decadent. Every recipe is SO DELICIOUS, y’all. It will lose its yumminess if I even try to describe it. I will most definitely be sharing some of my favorite recipes soon, though. It’s called JACKED ON PLANTS. I’ll tell you more later.

That’s all for now. Real estate is taking off, and my online voice lesson program, RAISE YOUR VIRTUAL VOICE, is looking so great ~ I’m so proud of it! Click on the link and check it out!

Here’s to difficult months like August. I‘m here to tell you that if you press through with good intentions and keeping your ears and eyes open, you’ll be so happy when you get to the other side!

September is already looking so sweet!

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