Day 44/365.

Day 44 of the M&M Challenge…

Before I spill my guts ~ I feel a little self-conscious about this post. I have no earthly idea if anyone will even remotely relate to this. But for some reason, here I am, digressing way too much…

Here are my latest, new discoveries:

1. Oh man, it takes a village. A village of apps and notifications, alarms and reminders, journals, online zoom yoga classes, NordicTrack trainers, self-help books, and online therapists. I didn’t know I was so dang high maintenance! But now that I am outfitted with what I need to help this habit thing actually kick in, I see the benefit of every one of them.

It’s easy to overwhelm thyself with these things: a step tracker for exercise, logging your food, an app to remind you to floss? What on earth?

But I need it. Blame it on ADHD, or having too much on my plate, or maybe even being too hard on myself. I don’t know, but I need these apps. There is such a change in me, and I am starting to love it.

One tip I JUST figured out about my phone, because #genx:

2. Get into those notifications and really go to town, for your own health and benefit! My phone is on, but my texts are now on vibrate mode, while my little reminders to meditate, drink water, and work on real estate ~ those apps make sweet little beeps and dings and rings when I need them. It took me a while to get it right, but I am now using my phone for good, not evil.

3. This is another major realization for me: my artistic brain needs to frame everything as if it’s a scene in a movie. I’m not particularly proud to admit that, and I’ve tried to change this about myself, but it’s too much a part of me. If there’s work to be done, I have to set the stage. My closet-office desk must be clean for me to get work done, and there must be a hot, yummy drink, in a beautiful mug, with a coaster or saucer underneath, and always, always a candle burning. Probably some great music on in the background as well. The senses have to be satisfied. This does not mean I’m not Type-A and a hard worker! I just know what I need to get the job done.

4. Taking that realization further, this means I have to frame my 4 M’s to work for all of my senses. I will keep these habits strong if I view them in a certain way. I’m calling it My Paris Lifestyle. I don’t want to actually LIVE in Paris ~ I just want to live like Parisians do (minus the smoking). I want to walk everywhere possible, read at an outdoor cafe instead of staying home and watching Netflix, enjoy an occasional happy hour with friends, and really enjoy my food, even if it’s healthy. ESPECIALLY if it’s healthy! Folks, we need to celebrate the God-made foods much more than manmade food!

5. But here’s the next step to My Paris Lifestyle: I want to figure out how to reframe my perspective so that exercise is a part of that, as well as anything else I hate doing (like cleaning or laundry, or even emptying my email inbox). Parisians do laundry, too! I just need to make it work for my rose-colored glasses.

Or should I say rosé-colored glasses? HA HA HA

These are big helps for me. I know there is a LOT going on in the world that is very dire and tragic. I am not ignoring what’s happening in our country, to our schools, and in the beautiful West with the fires. This world is hurting. I just want to find the strongest, most peaceful, best version of myself, so that I can help make my little corner of the world a better place, if possible.

Much love to you all…

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