Day 60/365.

I wonder how easy life would be if we could cut off our emotions and just be robots?

Granted, I don’t want that kind of life. But could I maybe have just a touch of it?

My year-long challenge is 60 days in, and I’m seeing the extreme, incredible benefits in pushing past the way I feel, or how much I don’t want to do certain things, and doing them anyway. I’m not talking about work, obligations, and must-do’s. I’m a responsible, mostly organized, self-employed, tax paying entrepreneur (who just had to google how to spell entrepreneur ~ sigh).

I’m not bragging ~ oh Lord no. Quite the opposite. I’m merely reminding myself that I actually am accomplished, no matter what my gut is telling me over and over and over again.

Self-employed singers, teachers, realtors, and business owners ~ AM I RIGHT?

And all these obligations and responsibilities, cleaning the house and doing the laundry and cooking healthy meals, the budget, the grocery shopping ~ the list goes on and on ~ these obligations become very difficult to trudge through, and even though I do trudge through, I become very bitter. UNLESS I make Music, Meditation, Moving, and Morning Pages a priority.

Keep those holy in my day? I CAN DO IT ALL! I am woman, hear me roar!

Don’t make time for the things that make me tick? I am woman, hear me WHINE. 🙂

A student of mine once told me that she spent her whole life raising her children, working as a teacher, and doing all the “must-do’s” and she never realized how much a want (like voice lessons) was actually a need. She had been laboring under a misconception her whole life that enjoying singing and music ~ or anything you loved ~ was “extra”.

Turns out, it’s the very thing that pushes us and opens us up for a complete, happy, productive life.

Just recently, I did some hard work to find new opera arias to practice. I spent two days diving into recordings and sheet music. And I fell hard. All over again. I needed a new reason to practice. I needed the music to be almost too hard and too out of reach. It’s just my thing ~ difficult music. I found a cornucopia (okay, why can I spell that, and not entrepreneur?) of gorgeous pieces, and my love for singing was instantly renewed.

Do you need a new recipe, or sewing pattern? Or an excuse to pick up those knitting needles again? FIND IT. Work on it like a research project. It’s so worth it, friends.

The result? I’m working my tail off ~ nothing in my way ~ no emotional blocks, getting my must-do’s done without a whimper. All because I took care of myself.

Almost like a robot. AHA! Eureka!

4 thoughts on “Day 60/365.

  1. Just read this morning: The truth is that any moment of time we spend with God is more important than hours we might spend working, completing a project, or even ministering to people. To pray and listen, to devote time to being in God’s presence is the wellspring of who we are and what we are able to offer to others. Ps 36:9

  2. Sarah- you are so right on! I have this same periods in my life – on both ends! Hear me roar, AND Hear me whine!!
    And why is it so hard to get to The “ROAR”???!
    Thank you for showing your vulnerabilities and sharing! ♥️

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