Day 101/365.

101 days on this beautiful roller coaster! The past few weeks have felt more like continually falling into a dark well, but somehow, I’ve stopped falling for the time being.

Mondays are always recording day for me. I record vocal warmups for my program called Raise Your Virtual Voice, and I work through any technical website issues that go along with that. It usually turns into a full day of “What? Why is it doing that? Why doesn’t this work? Why is this taking so long!!!”

A while back, a subscriber asked me who does my social media. I felt equally shocked and thrilled. NO ONE. No one does anything but me. Does it look like I have help? I would love to have someone take over! It’s just me, myself and I ~ this Gen X girl who still has no idea how to repost on IG. I’m really only functioning at about 35% with it all, but it’s better than nothing I guess!

I worked very hard on my website this past week, though, and I’m ready to get back to my precious 4M CHALLENGE!

Music this week! And lots of it! I didn’t go to school for a masters in social media, or checking email, friends. I went to school for MUSIC!

I plan to listen to lots of inspiring, joyful music, and make some of my own as well! Next week I start violin lessons, after more than 20 years of not playing! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Music can change your perspective. If you think the crazy musicians on the Grammys are just too much for you, just remember that we would be still listening to Gregorian Chant if it wasn’t for innovative, crazy, forward-thinking, rebellious musicians.

Music can take you to another country, just with the click of a button. Can’t travel right now? Travel through music! Today, I’ll be going straight to France with a new coloratura aria I’m hoping to start working on, and it’s just for the fun of it!

I started meditating ~ not praying ~ meditating, first thing in the morning, 101 days ago. And it was transformative. It changed my brain. 5-10 minutes of guided meditation on my Insight Timer app, before I even got out of bed, and everything changed for me.

The extreme “energy” I had in the mornings turned out to just be good old nasty anxiety, y’all. I’m a morning person, but even more so, the natural-building cortisol that wakes me up 10 minutes before my alarm rings is the cortisol that leaves me spinning out of control by noon. AHA. CAUGHT IT.

I haven’t done that morning meditation in weeks because those first 60 days RETRAINED my body. Amazing! Yahoo!! You can totally release even the worst anxiety with meditation. It works so much better than you can imagine. I’ll be recommitting to it this week for sure!

Always praying, too. And gratitude is always the theme, because last time I checked, God already knows what I need in my life.

This one is always hard for me. Or maybe I should say it WAS.

No, it still is. I’m just trying to reframe the narrative.

I’m learning that a little in the morning, after lunch, and again after dinner is my favorite way to exercise. Pump it up on the bike, then walk after meals, and some yoga to feel stronger.

I do yoga online and I want everyone to know about my friend’s amazing online studio. It’s called Yes Please and Thank You Yoga ~ I highly recommend it.

My morning pages have been seriously modified in the last 101 days, and I really love it. I’m using a journal prompting service called Christa Potter’s Happiness Habit ~ I’m sure there are lots out there, but it allows me to choose prompts every day, so I can journal about gratitude, self-awareness, etc. It’s amazing for small business owners who need help getting out of their own way. With these two new business I’m trying to get off the ground, in the middle of a pandemic? I really need all the help I can get.

I hope this post inspires you to add habits to your life that will create more contentment, happiness, and a general sense of awareness. It’s so easy to fall asleep at the wheel of life. I know ~ I’ve done it many, many times. But I’m fighting to stay awake, aware, and grateful for even the difficult times!

Love and peace to you all!!!

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