Celebrate Every Single Day.

When I was young, my mom always made sure we used the nice dishes on certain random nights of the week, and definitely on Sundays. There were these little tiny “grape juice goblets” that I now know are for sherry, or some kind of cordial.

I loved all these things, and I still do.

Drinking healthy feels quite limited, doesn’t it? Let’s see, there’s water, water with lemon in it, water with cucumber if you dare, green tea, unless the caffeine bugs you, then it’s decaf green which has no flavor in my opinion, and sparkling water.

Even drinks like Vitamin Water have hidden sugars and weird ingredients.

Or so I hear. I’ve never bothered with any of them because I’m super picky about my drinks.

Which is why I’m the perfect person to work on creating some new yummy drinks!

Just look at that cool glassware we got from my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas!

I’m sure these have already been created, of course, but here’s my ultra-healthy take on a celebratory sipper that doesn’t mess with your diet!

  1. Pull out your most decadent, beautiful, delicate, stemmed or gold-rimmed glasses. Then make room for those in your cupboard, because you should be using those pretty little things every single day.
  2. Drop a little raspberry puree in the bottom (scroll down for recipe).
  3. Top with cold sparkling water and a lime wedge.

Could that BE any easier?

Keto Raspberry Puree: Blend a bag of frozen raspberries with a few tablespoons of monkfruit sweetener, erythritol, or drops of stevia if you like that, and the juice of a lemon to keep it all bright and beautiful. Keeps in the fridge for a week or so.

Could this be done with strawberries or pineapple? Heck yes!

I’m glad I’m not getting paid to make this food blog. That was way too simple ~ you’d probably ask for your money back after reading this.

Now, of course, you could add vodka, tequila, or sparkling wine, if you’re really feeling adulty and festive, but don’t you sometimes just want a treat at around 12:58pm on a Monday?

I do! And I did!

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  1. Thanks for posting about vitamin waters. I started drinking them this year and will now back off. I am constantly trying to figure out all of the sugars in drinks & it gets old.

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