Alkaline Lemon Drink.

Got inflammation?

“Got inflammation” is the “Got milk” of the 2000’s, ain’t it though?

I like to use hillbilly words like “ain’t” every once in a while. I do it solely for my English teacher sister, juuuuussst in case she decides to read this post. HA HA HA

This lemon drink is not only delicious, but it really does help with inflammation.

And if you don’t know what “inflammation” means, just google it, and dive down a rabbit hole of symptoms you will most likely have. Everyone living in this crazy world has inflammation.

Got arthritis? You’ve got inflammation.

Got allergies? Inflammation.

Do you watch the news? You’ve got inflammation!

It’s not like you can cure everything with an anti-inflammatory lemonade. But you can definitely make things work a little more smoothly in that tired, stressed body of yours.

Here’s what you do:


  1. Cut off the ends of an organic lemon (you want organic because you’re going to eat the peel and all, but if you can’t find organic, that’s okay). Then cut the lemon into quarters and drop into a blender, peel and seeds and all.
  2. Add 20 ounces water (I like warm water).
  3. Add a tiny dollop of coconut oil (optional) and a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt.
  4. Blend for a full minute, then strain and drink!

It’s that easy. I feel completely revitalized, even after a few sips.

I also think it’s delicious, but you might not like tart things as much as I do.

I’ve posted this lemon drink before ~ in fact, I bet I post this every New Year’s Eve or Day for a hangover cure!

Is it possible that an entire year can make you feel hungover?

With 2020, it’s definitely possible!

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