Cold Remedies from a Singer.

Somehow I’ve managed to wake up with a cold.

Seems impossible, since I’ve completely isolated myself to avoid the ‘Rona, but alas…

No one, I repeat, NO ONE, can get rid of a cold faster than a singer. Most vocations don’t rely on the body to be perfectly healthy, in order to receive a paycheck at the end of the day. It’s hard to put it in that light, but there it is.

Singers also know a TON about the Coronavirus, by the way. If you have any questions about transmitting this virus, or how it all actually works ~ ASK A SINGER. I guarantee they know everything about aerosols and masks and social distancing. We’ve been doing it for years. And if we get the virus, and it causes lung issues, our livelihood could be severely affected. Sorry if we’re not a warm and cozy bunch of huggers and party animals right now ~ you understand, right?

Most singers have a medicine cabinet full of weird potions and concoctions they swear by when they feel even the slightest, most faint tickle in the back of their throats. If you didn’t get paid every time you got sick, you’d be the same way.

Since regular over-the-counter medication is usually drying, singers stick to natural remedies for the most part. Here’s my latest collection of crazy potions!

Let’s start with the two most important items: the tea and the water.

Green tea: not a flavored green tea, and not with sugar ~ a real green tea, and steeped strong. I try to drink a whole pot (or two) of it, by noon. The goal is to hydrate and flush the bug out while getting all those superfood properties from the tea. The caffeine will help too. Make it YOUR JOB to slurp as much of this stuff down as possible. It’s very refreshing.

Water: it can just be plain, but I like the cucumber flavor. I will refill this 68-ounce pitcher at noon, and switch out the cucumber for lemon. the flavors help you drink more, but that little bit of juice from the cucumber and lemon can help with inflammation.

And now for the crazy stuff!

Grapefruit seed extract: it’s bitter and gross, but squirt 10 drops into your first glass of water, stir, and get well much faster.

Deep Lung and Bronchial Support: 8-10 of these drops go in the same cup of water. Also yucky tasting, but not so bad that you can’t get it down. I like this because I had bronchitis about 15 years ago, and it became quite chronic. I just kept getting a deep lung cough every time I would normally have just an easy cold. So I try to keep my lungs clear. (There’s a yoga breathing exercise for helping clear the lungs as well.)

Vitamin D-3 Drops: You can add those to the water as well. We’re all so deficient in D, unless you’re a farmer? These are so easy to take every day.

Chewable Vitamin C: I actually suck on them throughout the day. You can’t really overdose on C, so I take several and use them like cough drops.

Omega-3: I take these every day. Chances are, I won’t be having any salmon today ~ chicken soup is on the menu for sure. So the Omega-3 is needed.

Spirulina: My daily vitamin has spirulina in it, but I took one extra, just to get some more superfoods in me.

Raw Zinc: We all know about Zinc. I prefer to take the pill form ~ not a lozenge that will make my mouth go numb.

And last but not least ~ soup! Lots of delicious broth ~ whether it’s chicken, veggie, bone broth, or Pho broth. Doesn’t matter. It really works!

If you want to pump up your broth for the most healing soup ever, add garlic and ginger. Delish…

My chicken broth is simmering right now. I’ll post a recipe when it’s done!

There are many more remedies out there, but these are the ones I’m into today. I may not have any singing gigs any time soon, but I’m also not interested in letting a cold get me down!

Stay well out there!!!

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