Day 200!!!

Hello, readers! How have you all been? Keeping your spirits up? You really don’t have to. You can lean into your negative feelings and just feel them and move on. I’m going to be the last person on earth to bully a person into always being happy. It’s not sustainable, folks!

I also think that if you just feel those feelings, you can purge them more quickly and move on to the good stuff. The happy stuff. Sometimes the guilt and shame we feel when we’re down and out, makes the down and out last a lot longer. We were created to feel all the feels!

I recently read a book by Katherine May, called, “Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times,” It really reframed winter, and low times in general, for me. I mean, I’m already kind of amazing at winter. I DO winter. I love indoor activities, being home for days on end, and eating to keep my body fat percentage at an all-time high. 😉 #survivalmode #blubber

But I’ve also been pretty hard on myself in the past. I “should” be able to crush this huge to-do list. I “shouldn’t” let my house get this dirty. Should should should!

I am dangerous with a Canva account, and a pun. 🙂

Moving on to today’s subject…

Today marks 200 days I’ve been following the 4M’s ~ my challenge to practice Music, Meditation, Moving and Morning Pages every single day for one year. While I haven’t achieved this goal every single day, just placing these four important activities at the top of my list of priorities has changed everything for me.

The main thing I have learned:

We can use activities like prescriptions. I bet you already knew that, didn’t you? It took me about 47 years to lock this in. I had a LOT of other preconceived notions that really confused me.

But here’s the major trick ~ it has to be the things that really make you “sing”. The things that push all your happy buttons. Not the activities recommended by other people. The activities that work for you ~ special you.

If I do these 4M’s, my day goes differently. It’s as if I’ve popped four little pills and my perspective has changed dramatically. It’s a DAY-SMOOTHER. And it’s all free! No side affects! No Rx refill needed!

It does take a pinch of discipline, and a vow to do it early-ish, before your day gets away from you. And you also have to ignore everyone else in the world who might advise you differently. You might hear things like, “Oh wow ~ you have time to do all that? Must be nice.”

Yes, I have time to do all that, and so do you. I wasted a lot of years not prioritizing these all-important pieces of me, because I felt like there were more important things to put in front of them. But I’ll just say it this way ~ if I’ve sung a little and have done some yoga, doing those taxes feels like a walk in the park.

Turns out those little things that make you happy can also help you ADULT LIKE A BOSS.

I’m so thrilled that this challenge is actually working. I’ve come so far in these past 200 days, and I’m just getting started!

I hope you have a routine that makes you feel amazing. I fully understand, after all these years, why it’s so important.

Here’s to 165 more days of this year-long challenge!!! Much love to you all!

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