Friends, it has been SO long. I haven’t been cooking much, but I certainly have been eating. Who is making all my meals? I honestly can’t tell you. I’d have to consult my credit card statement, sadly.

Full disclosure ~ I lost 15 pounds in November and I never felt better! I loved the food, I loved the way I looked, I loved the energy I had.

And then I fell apart this summer. Travel, stress, focus on my new real estate career (which is so much fun) ~ it all just caught up with me. I’ve only gained a few pounds back, but friends, I feel terrible.

The diet I chose was keto. But “green” keto. Lots of dark leafy greens, some other vegetables, berries and nuts, dark chocolate, and protein and fat to beat the band. Honestly, it was DELICIOUS. I can live without croissants and cinnamon rolls and potatoes ~ as long as they’re out of my sight.

And during Covid, they WERE out of my sight. But now? Everywhere I look, there’s a french fry chanting my name ~ “SAAARAH, SAAARAH, SAAAAAAAARAH!!!”

I really am strong though. I have my cheats, tricks, and substitutions.

If I can just get used to seeing those blasted pastries everywhere.

My absolute favorite thing in Kansas City, or any city for that matter, is a cafe. Great coffee, good atmosphere, WiFi for the bloggin’, and nice people. That’s all it takes. Actually, I don’t even need the nice people.

But why, oh why are there hardly ANY low-carb choices for a snack or breakfast with your coffee?

Probably because no one would choose that choice except me.

Note to self: bring your own low-carb snack from home, dummy.

Is anyone else out there struggling with this temptation? I’m such a “seize the day” type-a gal. It’s hard to pass up the fun, even if it makes me physically ill and unable to fit into my clothes.

But I must. We’re there. 47 years old and I KNOW what a croissant tastes like. I can live without it and feel better passing it up.

On to things I CAN eat that don’t hurt! Tomato season is coming up and I cannot wait!!!

See what I did there?

God help me.

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