50 till 50.

Hi Everyone!

My 49th birthday is October 9th, and I have a dream of using these next 52 weeks until I turn 50 to take this living thing to the NEXT LEVEL.

Want to join me on the ride?

As you might expect from this girl who constantly craves balance, it will be both insightful and shallow, fun and serious, wise but mostly dumb, healthy and oh-so-unhealthy. I’m sure there will be something on this list for everyone, although ~ sorry ~ I’ll just be thinking about myself.

Some items on the list will read more like a habit or ritual I hope to add. Some will be one-and-done.

And you better believe there will be foooooooood!!!!!!

I will post yummy recipes, and will pop in every once in a while to share any progress on my long list.


I’ve already started preparing, and I’m sharing this with a few of my friends who want to be a part of the journey. PLEASE share this with anyone who might need a little boost, distraction, or reboot!

2 thoughts on “50 till 50.

  1. LOVE THIS! I did a 50×50 list, which included auditioning and making it into Te Deum. =). Currently working on my 60×60 list and may borrow a few of yours. I’m trying to read 60 books by 60 (I just turned 58). Thank you for the inspiration!

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