Slight change…

Okay, so it’s Day 1 of my 50 till 50 challenge, and I already have a slight change to make on the list.

I didn’t like “go see family more often” waaaaay down at #50. I mean, there’s no order to this list whatsoever, and it’s built into me anyway to want to see family as much as possible, but I still just don’t like the way it looks.

So here’s my new and improved list! And, there are already some things accomplished or underway on there! WOOT WOOT!

That’s MUCH bettuh…

Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far!

#37 ~ you better believe I made that chocolate sheet cake!!!! It wasn’t as delicious as I remember, actually. But I still ate it and enjoyed it!

#21 ~ I am listening to music every day in my house, and I am turning it up, and I am loving it! It’s a game changer for cooking or doing chores. I usually turn to my old classic movies for getting stuff done around the house, but the loud music gives me so much more energy than Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face ever could. God bless her.

#24 ~ I have sat on my lower deck more in the last week than I ever have, ever, ever. This list is simply reminding me to do things other than lay on my couch, and I am HERE FOR IT.

#15 ~ So I think I may have created a budget that actually works for me and the Hub. It needs to be flexible and simple, and I’m not a person who is ever going to check in to the account every single day. Going for once a week right now. It’s not a genius plan, but I just want something that works for us.

#42 ~ Got VERY far this weekend with the walk-in closet! Ikea has left me hanging for months, so my friend, Toni, motivated me and helped me find Amazon replacements. Ordered! And I organized everything in their temporary bins, so that we can live comfortably until the wardrobes arrive.

#27 ~ Brought up almost all clothes from the garage!!! We had our bathroom and walk-in closet renovated by CLEAR MIND DESIGN ~ fantastic work! But everything was in our garage for months. It has been a nightmare. Our garage was a hoarder’s dream. It’s still pretty gross, but we also bought some cool shelves from our friends Thomas and Amy, and now we’re cooking with gas!

which leads to….

#17 ~ See a chiropractor at least once a month. Schlepping all this stuff up to the closet and reconfiguring Ikea wardrobe systems has my back feeling like it’s 98 years old ~ not 49. Thank God for my friend Amy, who told me about REVIVE CHIROPRACTIC! Dr. Frank is a miracle worker!

#44 ~ Hygge all around, baby! Lighting candles and drinking hot drinks! That one is easy for me, especially this time of year…

That’s all for now! Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. Wtg Sarah!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the company and FRIEND shout out! So happy you were open to pivoting and making the closet system happen after being incredibly patient with iKEA!!!

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