making progress

Rainy, rainy Monday ~ and I am loving it. I am working my tail off. This list of 50 till 50 has lit a fire under my derriere!

Here’s the latest…

A lot of these won’t get checked off the list until the end, since they really are habits I’m attempting to add to my life for the better part of the year. But you better believe I nailed the food-making ones! ha ha ha! And I think I actually created a budget that actually works for two musicians! That is a huge accomplishment!

Here was the delicious Apple Breakfast Danish ~ item #36…

Let me tell you the genius of this recipe ~ it’s just the pie crust of your dreams, apples with sugar and spices, and ginger snaps or granola crumbled up. Something crunchy. It ends up in the bottom crust somehow, and it’s divine. Also, a powdered sugar drizzle with almond flavoring. That’s all. It NEVER gets old.

Moving on!

Here are the items that are making the top of the list right now:

1: That Parisian Life is in full swing! Enjoying my deck, taking breathers during the day (I can only assume that’s why Parisians smoke), taking more time to eat, drink and be merry like the Parisians do, enjoying the birds (see, Andrea?), and choosing to do nothing every once in a while! How about that!

8, 9, 10, 44, 45, 49: Working out, meditating, reading, revisiting the sermons from Sunday, drinking hot tea, journaling, and lighting candles around the house: all things I do in the mornings to start my day in the most positive way possible. Otherwise, I lose my mind by 10am.

25: Walked in the cemetery with my neighbor, Andrea, who loves watching birds! It was so amazing!

42, 43: Working HARD on my walk-in closet while some truly incredible artists paint my entire house’s interior walls, trim, you name it. They’re working right now, as I write this.

P.S. The company is called Cabinets, Trim and Paint, LLC. They’re amazing.

Slowly but surely. Hey, we have drawers!!!

27: Slowly working on the basement. It’s a SLOG. We put together these great shelves, and bought the clear bins. Things seem messier than ever right now, but progress is messy sometimes…

31: Practicing a little more than I was before! Making music is fun again!

13: Bought some Mid-century house ornaments to start the Palm Springs Christmas project and they are so adorable. They’ll be the inspiration for the entire thing. Or, they might just BE the entire thing. Add a cocktail party with martinis and we’re cooking!

39: I will most likely never clean my house once a week. I just don’t care to be that clean. We’ll see if I grow up that much this year. 🙂

30: Got my french language app pulled up so I can listen and learn in the car. Just started, but I sing in french and have studied it quite a bit in the past, so I’m sailing through the first lessons. I’ve tried this several times before and always quit because I get too serious about studying the language and getting it right. This time I’m just going to drive through town, distracting myself with the beauty of the french language!

That’s all for now! Love to you all!

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