50×50 update.

Hello friends!

I’ve been working feverishly in my little 50×50 workshop, attempting to get this year started off on the right foot (which is always the left foot, as far as I’m concerned). It’s a slow process, but I also think I’ve been more productive these past few months than I have ever been in my entire life. Sure, there are some things on the list that I’d like to delete ~ like #39. Clean house once a week? Never. Gonna. Happen. And also, there’s no way to clean because there’s so much home reno going on!

Speaking of home reno ~ ooh baby baby! It’s happenin’ up in the Anderson Home! Stay tuned, y’all!

I’m chipping away at the list, even through some yucky health issues. But weren’t we all prepared for this? The masks came off, and the germs started flyin’. Mix in a little peri-menopause and inexplicable weight-gain, and you have a real “perfect storm” situation on your hands.

At any rate, I’m THRILLED with my progress on the house. Yes, I have someone working in every room of my house right now. No, I do not have a place to go to decompress at any point in time. Yes, I feel like running. And yes, of course, I am so grateful and so excited about our little city dwelling that is going to look amazing! There’s just a lot of confusion right now. I mean, I can’t get to my piano ~ so I’m basically a human in the middle of the desert with no water.

Here is some other progress I’m super excited about!

#27 ~ CLEAN OUT AND ORGANIZE GARAGE. Such an incredibly-large work in progress. But it’s getting better and better! It may not look like it, because first you must have utter mayhem and chaos before the pretty part happens. Apparently. But things are looking up! Here’s the before, and the before, before…

And friends, this might not look that amazing, but here is what I would like to call the “after” shot at this point. I might tweak a few more things, and I have some paint cans to deal with, but I’m thrilled with it as-is!

This is a project has been YEARS in the making. YEARS. My father kept an impeccable garage. I aim to do the same. It’s my first-ever garage, and I aim to make it SING.

Moving on to the upstairs!

#42 ~ FINISH RENOVATING WALK-IN CLOSET. Would you believe that today the walls are currently being finished and painted? I’m SO excited! I moved some things around and added an old cabinet from the garage, and will eventually paint it white to match the rest of the cabinets, but we are really cooking. I really think I might be able to cross this one off TONIGHT.

Here are the last straggling things that are getting done today…

And here’s the after!!!!

I have more plans for this beautiful space, but for now, it just feels SO GOOD to have it completed!

By the way, see all the dust? This is why I cannot get well…

#43 ~ HAVE INTERIOR WALLS AND CEILINGS REFINISHED/PAINTED. Okay this is a HUGE project. They started in the middle of October, and they’re still at it, but I see why. Today, the first floor will be fully painted, and then next week we’ll get wainscoting! SO FANCY!

Here’s the sitch we were in until literally yesterday…

That’s me with my black Uggs up in the midst of all the chaos.

I’d just like to take a quick moment and thank everyone who has been working so diligently on our house. It has been so challenging for us, since we only have one bathroom and one bedroom. Our house is just too small to live here and also have a home renovation going on, but we had to do what we had to do. Thanks to everyone for their amazing work.

Folks, these are LARGE ITEMS on my list! We feel so grateful, so broke, and so strung out. But mostly so, so grateful.

Here’s an updated rundown of the list, just to keep track of all the progress…

    This has already been so much fun. I cannot wait for 2023!

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