50 till 50 update…

Hi friends! I’m down to around 155 days, give or take, until the big day!

I’ve been plugging along at my list of 50 goals, and I’m not surprised AT ALL about what is left to tackle.

Some goals are more about setting a habit that feels like it has become second nature to me, and that’s going to take an entire year to prove that to myself.

Here’s an update from the past few months of productivity, amidst the struggles of a weird real estate market, and my own emotional struggles, because…


No. 2: Spend more time with family. I am loving this, and really finding that day trips to see my family are great. My mom and I are taking a little overnight trip in a few weeks and I’m super excited about that too.

No. 14: Make music for the joy of it, at least three times a week. I think I might actually be ready to start doing that. I was so incredibly burned out 5 years ago, and worked hard to make some very difficult changes in my life. Those changes have helped me find my love for music again.

No. 16: Capsule wardrobe. I’m still working on this. I’m closer! I really want a coverall style jumpsuit, and then I’ll be able to get rid of some more clothes that just don’t look like me anymore.

No. 22: I’m not going to take off a full week in July. This winter was too quiet in real estate. I need to make up for lost time!

No. 23: Plan a girls trip to Oregon. Nailed it!! I’m here right now and sitting on this window seat, overlooking the Pacific ocean, and marveling at how absolutely stunning it is here.


And a huge accomplish to take time away from the “crazy” and spend a few days in a beautiful place.

No. 24: Go see friends Robert and Lee this winter. ALSO NAILED IT!! And it was so glorious. Lots of delicious food, snuggles from their sweet, sweet dog, and healing talk about music.

So, what’s left that really means a lot to me is a daily moving routine. I want to start my day with a 30-minute workout at home, including yoga and meditation in that session, then take a walk outside every day, maybe in the evenings. Great way to digest your food after dinner, y’all! That’s going to help me lose those 20 pounds I need to lose. It’s all part of working on reducing that crazy inflammation that is causing all sorts of issues in my body. Can you relate? I know I’m not the only one!

And then there are some straggling home reno projects that need to be finished, over and done. I’m over it! Hopefully I can knock those out in the next few months.

Thanks for listening to me drag on about this last year of my 40’s!!!!

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