lightbulb moment: my healthy additions.

Okay, I’ve got an idea. Can I run this by you? What if…instead of focusing on eliminating certain types of food, counting calories, and depriving ourselves of the things we love…we merely ADDED the things that fuel us and make us sing? And if that list is a big list ~ and oh honey you know mine is ~ we would literally run out of hours … Continue reading lightbulb moment: my healthy additions.


confession: anger journal.

I’m one of those people who really struggles with the kinds of emotions that I would never, ever want to burden anyone else with.  Sorry to my English-teacher sister for the dangling participle, but it’s true.  The only person who really sees the depths of darkness and frustration is the Hub, and he really didn’t ask for that privilege.  My mom gets a little bit … Continue reading confession: anger journal.