Here’s another amazing Kansas City cafe review! This one is near and dear to my heart ~ I know the owner!!!  I also know the barista! I feel like a celebrity. It’s called Rochester Brewing and Roasting Company, located in the trendy Crossroads District, and friends, the adorable barista just made a note that I am left-handed for the next time I order a cappuccino, … Continue reading Rochester.

Cafe Love ~ MILDRED’S.

Those of you who know me, or even follow this blog, have the distinct pleasure of suffering through my digestive woes. Sorry. And thank you. For listening and giving a flip. I have literally tried EVERYTHING. Everything except eliminating coffee. Oh sure, I went decaf for a while, but it really didn’t work, and I just couldn’t bring myself to completely cut ties from my … Continue reading Cafe Love ~ MILDRED’S.


  It’s likely you’ve been to the Cafe Europa in Brookside, if you live in Kansas City, and if you can afford such luxuries.  I’ve only ever been there when someone else was paying (not-so-starving artist, thanks to generous people in my life). Well there’s a new, 2nd Cafe Europa, in my neighborhood!!! I’m sitting at the bar this morning, enjoying a gorgeous decaf cappuccino, … Continue reading CAFE EUROPA.


i have not reviewed a kc restaurant in FOREVER!  but yesterday after church, i had plans to go to brunch with a certain choral conductor.  we love RAGAZZA for dinner, or happy hour.  it’s a lovely little restaurant, located on westport road, with probably 10 tables at the most.  gorgeous italian food, house-made limoncello ~ just a wonderful place to spend some time with the ones you … Continue reading RAGAZZA.


anyone hungry for brunch? THE DROP at Martini Corner ~ this is a fabulous place for brunch, and a very nice little bistro/bar all of the other times of the week.  i have an amazing group of friends who frequent this place most sundays after their church jobs.  wanna join us? you might ask ~ “what is a church job”?  in the classical music biz, … Continue reading THE DROP.

ça va ~ a champagne bar.

this is a sweet little find.  pronounced “sah~vaaaah”, it’s a somewhat hidden, unassuming gem, but keep looking for it ~ it’s a very quiet, lovely place.   off the beaten path, this champagne bar is past blanc burgers, past californo’s, keep walking, keep walking, and it’s this cute little place on the east side of pennsylvania street, just down from port fonda. we went there … Continue reading ça va ~ a champagne bar.

poco’s on the boulevard.

review #2!  this is the sweetest little mexican cafe on southwest boulevard.  it is so adorable on the inside, and serves up such lovely, classy dishes. poco’s is located by the quick trip on southwest boulevard. here’s the website… here’s a picture of my delicious tamales!!! aren’t they gorgeous?  the green one was veggie, tomatillo salsa, and goat cheese.  SOOOO GOOOOOD.  the red one was … Continue reading poco’s on the boulevard.


it’s only fitting that i begin my little KC restaurant review section with my favorite place in town ~ PT’S COFFEE.  it’s in the crossroads district, on southwest boulevard, just east of broadway.  incredible coffee ~ maybe the best in town… fantastic food ~ their breakfast menu has a variety of egg sandwiches and quiche, but they will make any version of eggs, cheese and … Continue reading PT’S COFFEE.