sweet and savory nut mix.

This is so easy, it’s crazy not to make a batch every week and snack on them around happy hour time, or in the afternoon when you get a little peckish. Just look at that glaze! So crunchy and salty and perfect! You can mix up the seasonings, but make sure cinnamon is involved! So so so good… I’ve made these with pepitas (shelled pumpkin … Continue reading sweet and savory nut mix.

winter kale caesar salad.

Okay this turned out SO great. Lots of awesome, healthy ingredients, and very filling. I don’t have a pic, but trust me, it’s very pretty and makes you feel like you’re doing incredible things to your body, mind and spirit. ha ha ha I even added grain-free orzo-style pasta, made with cassava flour. Delicious! You can change this up with whatever you have in your … Continue reading winter kale caesar salad.

fave keto crackers.

These are my absolute favorite keto crackers. Actually, they’re my favorite crackers all around. Keto or otherwise. I found this recipe on alldayidreamaboutfood.com, a fantastic blog with the most amazing low-carb recipes. But as usual, I tweaked it to make it more flexible with what cheese I have laying around. I also doubled it. I used a scale to measure. Do you have a scale … Continue reading fave keto crackers.

Roasted Chicken and Veggies.

I feel like I never quite get roasted chicken right. Until tonight. Oh baby, did I get it right this time ~ so I gotta write it down before I forget! The leftovers will be turned into a yummy chicken and mushroom soup for the freezer. This is serious progress after what feels like a very long draught of unhealthy, non-homemade, hurried, unintentional stuffing of … Continue reading Roasted Chicken and Veggies.

Lazy Keto Poke Bowl.

After a summer of eating all the fun things, I gotta say, I’m miserable. I’ve gained weight, I’m bloated (you’re welcome), and I can’t get off my butt for even one sun salutation. Fun foods hurt my body. So I’m back on the ‘ole keto train. It’s not easy at the beginning. Feels kinda like a breakup. But they’re just feelings and they will definitely … Continue reading Lazy Keto Poke Bowl.

Mother’s Day Mushroom Quiche.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! And that means anyone who has ever “mothered” another living thing. That should cover just about all of us, right? I “mothered” my mother this weekend, and my mother-in-law as well. I made all sorts of yummy dishes and tried to pamper them as much as possible. My father-in-law and husband reaped the benefits by proxy. … Continue reading Mother’s Day Mushroom Quiche.