blackened cauliflower cakes.

here’s what i did: in a blender or food processor (my food processor broke so i’m using a blender), mix the whole head of already-roasted cauliflower (that had been in the fridge the entire week), squeeze the entire head of already-roasted garlic in (it’s super mild since you roasted it), add a little bit of veggie stock if you’re using a blender to get it going, an … Continue reading blackened cauliflower cakes.

snow day avocado toast.

oh my my my… it has been way too long!  i’ve been going through some life changes.  small changes to others, perhaps, but quite large to me. i won’t bore you with the details of my strange life.  i’d much rather entice you with a delicious… decadent… vitamin and nutrient PACKED… AVOCADO TOAST RECIPE!!! yes friends, the hipster breakfast creation is still popular, even this … Continue reading snow day avocado toast.

the soup and salad of my dreams.

  hello again!  it’s been a while.  i’ve missed you! my september was so stressful that, although i am perfectly healthy, i feel as though i have the flu.  stress is a terrible thing, ain’t it? this calls for healing soups and dark leafy green salads! i’m in recovery mode all week, and the number 1 best way to get things going in the right … Continue reading the soup and salad of my dreams.

“ganache you’re beautiful” gluten free truffles.

how about a ganache truffle that you can sink your teeth into, without the guilt? okay, there’s dark chocolate and heavy cream in these tasty morsels, but i’m not sure i want to mess with those perfect ingredients.  maybe i’ll try a cream substitute next time ~ cashew cream? these are pretty awesome just the way they are, i have to admit. and they were … Continue reading “ganache you’re beautiful” gluten free truffles.

mom’s “candy” roasted veggies.

today marks day 17 of the WHOLE 30.  but really ~ my elimination diet has transformed into the SOBRIETY 30.  so i’ve been a little loose with the food, and focusing totally on not drinking.  i’m dealing with lots of emotions i haven’t addressed in a long time, but i’m finding that i have soon much more energy every single day.  better sleep too. any … Continue reading mom’s “candy” roasted veggies.

WHOLE 30: DAY 8.

the other night, i read this awesome article about changing bad habits, and it stressed the importance of finding other things in your life ~ positive things ~ to obsess about and become your habit. they call it a TOOLBOX.  all summer, i’ve been calling it “choosing luxury”. so, what’s in your LUXURY TOOLBOX? i’m just starting to form mine, but here’s what i’ve come … Continue reading WHOLE 30: DAY 8.