Can’t pronounce it? That’s okay. As long as you know what it is. And as long as you keep it in your rotation for entertaining, or even just a random weeknight. I’ll be honest ~ I’ve always had trouble plating this meat, cheese, and condiment platter. It’s supposed to be plentiful, colorful, and artistic. I should be a natural at this! I love to cook, … Continue reading charcuterie.

summer salad platter.

these summer flavors seem to always lift my spirits and make me feel like it’s not a dang monday. can you even see the watermelon in there?  i got a little carried away with the toppings. i bought that gorgeous orange and yellow-fleshed watermelon, and, although i miss the classic watermelon red color, this one is mild and absolutely lovely. the cucumber came from the … Continue reading summer salad platter.

antipasti greatness.

i cannot get enough of the antipasti lifestyle this summer.  man ~ italians are BRILLIANT.  i put out this spread in just a matter of minutes, and we celebrated the beauty of dining al fresco ~ which means, “with bugs”.  ha ha ha. but seriously ~ is this not the most lovely little platter? here’s the low-down on this antipasti platter of goodness… there’s a … Continue reading antipasti greatness.